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6 Tips To Increase Sales With Wine Packaging

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Wine Packaging Helps Sales

Are you hoping to exceed your sales targets this year? If you haven't used Wine Packaging before, this might be just what you need to get started. That's because wine packaging focuses on optimizing the whole supply chain, from the vineyard to the customer's shopping basket. 

There are several approaches for you and your team to achieve your objectives. It may be a fresh marketing plan that thinks beyond the box, or it could be a cost-cutting and margin-increasing approach.

Wine Packaging is capable of achieving both, no matter what led you here! That's why it's so effective. It can assist you in achieving your objectives in a variety of ways.

So here's our 5 Tips To Increase Sales With Wine Packaging.

Tip #1 Create A Branded Experience

Create something that stands out instead of sticking with a plain box for your wine. There are so many ways to enhance the customer shopping experience.

Print On The Inside

Although this can increase the overall price, it can do wonders for customer loyalty by creating an experience. Printing artwork or text on the inside revealed as customers see your product turns the unboxing into a fun experience. What would you print on the inside of your box?

Add Freebies

Customers absolutely love opening up a box and finding more inside. Maybe you have a premium wine box with branded freebies like stickers, openers, or other products they could buy more. Consider adding accessories that they may buy their friends for the holidays.

Tie In your Social Media

Whatever you post on social media for organic and ads, make sure it ties into your packaging. If you have a front-and-center personality or key colors for this season, add them to the package.

A branded experience can mean different things, so find out what your customers want more of and give it to them.

Tip #2 Increase Brand Awareness By Staying Fresh

One of the major advantages of using wine packaging in your business is staying current and fresh in a retail setting. Because there are so many different things on the shelves, it's critical that you stand out. 

Wine packaging can help since it allows you to create a completely unique style, design, and feel as often as you want. Customers who come in seeking one thing but leave with another that they like more - there's an opportunity!

Why not go all out with your wine packaging if you're open to creating a unique shopping experience around your brand or product? It allows you to change your designs at least once every three months, if not more frequently.

Tip #3 Expand To A New Retailer

If you want to build a connection with a merchant you've never dealt with before, start with wine packaging. Retailers are always searching for a competitive advantage that will set them apart from the competition. Wine packaging is very useful when it comes to launching a new brand or line of items. 

Create Packaging To Fit The Retailer

Whether you're in Walmart, Costco, or Target, the overall look and feel might need to change.  If you need to bring in wholesale packaging, there are so many choices. Take advantage of this opportunity for your business by creating something that will fit seamlessly with the environment. The last thing you want is for your brand to look out of place.

Launch A New SKU

If you're producing a new item under the same brand, use wine packaging to make an impact. Use it as your launch pad and go from there! You can't rely on coupons or promotions for every new product. Just think about how costly that is over time. That's not to mention all of the work it takes to keep up with all of the different deals running at once. It's very cost-effective when launching a new product since you can reuse your existing structure and simply change the artwork.

Add A POP Display

There's no better way to establish a relationship with a new retailer than creating a POP Display. Even if it's something as simple as a Pallet Skirt that enhances a stack of your wine bottle packaging, a point-of-purchase display will attract customers to investigate the new products.

Getting exposed to new customers is huge for your brand. It is a great way to increase sales for you and your team.

Tip #4 Match Your Current Marketing Message

The design you select will serve as the basis for your retail package. However, pay close attention to all aspects of each Wine Packaging design since here is where you'll want to highlight your most critical statements. 

Whatever marketing materials you're currently employing should be compatible with your Wine Packaging. Why? Because your packing is one of the most expensive parts of your budget, it must be current! 

Tie In Social Media Marketing

Maybe you have a plan for the next season or product launch and must incorporate your packaging design. Packaging is one of your biggest line items, and if it ties into your marketing, it increases your brand awareness in the customer's mind.

As your marketing evolves, you may need to plan out your marketing and modify the artwork every quarter. Consider all of this ahead of time to guarantee you're ready to hit the ground running.

Tip #5 Have A Consistent Packaging Design

Your final design should be consistent throughout all of your wine packaging. This might include sticking to the same color scheme and altering one key color element in each package if necessary. As a result of this consistency, customers will anticipate and demand certain items in specific packages, creating sales chances. 

Check Your Brand Style Guide

Consistency matters and can help increase sales on a range of your SKUs. If you have a branded look with alternate but familiar designs, customers will see your entire product line. You won't need additional signage to explain what each product is; instead, they'll see if they should purchase more items.

Begin the design process with your items in mind. What packing decisions have you made? Everything about the wine packaging should be made to complement the contents.

Tip #6 Wine Packaging Is Completely Customizable

Wine packaging is not changeable, according to some. However, this could not be further from the truth! You may personalize your Wine Packaging and convert it into anything you need to complete the task. 

Every retailer has its own set of guidelines, but they all encourage experimentation with fresh designs and images. The more you support the retailer, the better. 

Begin by selecting a form and size that best suits your product's requirements. Then, for branding or marketing purposes, customize each side, front, back, and top with colors, images, and text.

You may even include things like buttons on one side (and only one side) of the packaging that buyers can press if they like. This raises brand recognition and generates interest in your items through social media platforms, where you may directly communicate with customers.

Get Started On Wine Packaging Today!

Now that you've learned the fundamentals of wine packaging, it's time to get started. The sooner you get started, the faster your product sales will rise. Remember that these suggestions are meant to be used as a guide, not as gospel. Change and adjust them as needed to meet your own brand and products. If you need support at any point during this procedure, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our team is more than happy to help create the perfect wine packaging design for your needs. Contact Bennett Packaging today to get started on a new quote.