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6 Digital Printing Tips For Beer Packaging

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Beer Packaging can be a great way to show off your brand. It’s also a good opportunity to inject humor and creativity into the world around you. Digital printing allows your brand to do so much more, with less.

Depending on what your goals are this year, digital might be the answer. If you're looking to increase sales, use a new complex marketing strategy, encourage customers to buy more products, this is your new secret weapon.

There are many ways that digital printing is being used in the beer industry, but the biggest is personalization. Let's dig into digital printing.

What Is Digital Printing In Packaging?

High-Speed Digital Printing is the newest printing method available. It requires no printing plates, creates less waste, and allows you to print more graphics.

We were among the first to invest in this game-changing technology, putting us well ahead of the curve. While other manufacturers may have advised you to go with Litho, we wish to clear the air.

You can not only be more strategic with digital, but you can also enhance your complete presentation and increase retail sales. Direct-to-corrugate digital printing allows us to take a single box shape, and print an almost unlimited variety of graphics.

This allows you to update your look on a regular basis, attract additional clients, and target them with different messages.

Strategic Marketing

Imagine a world where you can customize your message to the customer, time of year or even regionally. This could be done with designs that are more appropriate and timely than ever before.

Product Size Variations

With digital printing, you can create a number of different SKUs with ease. Forget about needing multiple printing plates and running out at the worst possible time.

Speed To Market

Digital printing is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your product into production. It offers rapid turnaround time, with no waiting or additional tooling costs necessary!

Digital Features

  • 6-Color extended gamut
  • Art files uploaded to press
  • Single pass printing
  • True-production proofs
  • 8600 30”x30” / hour
  • No print variance
  • With no crush printing
  • And no changeover time
  • Food + drink friendly
  • Match your brand colors
  • No minimum orders

Unique Graphics For Each Beer SKU

With the old methods of production coming to an end, it is now easier than ever for companies like yours to create customized products. With digital printing you can make your design as specific or diverse in style with only one plate that will last much longer then any other plates needed by different SKU's.

You can have as many different designs for your beer, if you use the same shape. This means that it is only necessary to pay once and then create any number of draught boards with this template in order to run them all.

The best way for a brand to stand out in today's competitive market is through innovative, cutting-edge packaging.

Tip #1 Print Alternate Graphics

Digital printing offers many benefits, but it's not always ideal for larger projects. If you want to print an image that will be seen by thousands or hundreds of people then traditional methods would work best because they use physical materials and follow specific layouts while digital prints only exist as files on computers which can be infinitely reproduced without any quality loss during production.

Different Regions

If your company has many locations, printing a variety of different designs may be advantageous. This allows you to target your customers based on where they live, nearby sports teams, or if they live near mountains, oceans, or woodlands. Consider where your customers are and speak with them more directly.

Each Product Category

Examine your SKUs to see if you can organize them into distinct categories, each with its own design. If you sell clothing, the Men's and Women's sections should have different appearances and feel to better target customers. Things associated to headphones or music, for example, should seem separate from products related to movies or computer equipment if you offer electronics.

Every Season

Is it the start of a new year or the end of a previous one? Consider receiving a Beer Box that is tailored around the weather and arrives on your doorstep. In the spring, send vibrant greens and yellows. Summer is all about going to the beach, whereas Fall is all about seeing the leaves change color. Finally, Winter may be either nice and snowy, or it might conjure up images of a warm fire.

Because of high-speed digital printing, all of this is feasible. Other printing processes, on the other hand, frequently need the purchase of printing plates or larger volume orders in order to justify their costs.

Make a list of your finest alternate graphic ideas and organize them around a theme. This is usually the best place to start when it comes to Beer Boxes.

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Tip #2 Double Down On Sustainability

Making Beer Boxes with high-speed digital printing is a more ecologically responsible option. Bennett also has all of the specialist equipment necessary to make your product swiftly and successfully, allowing for rapid turnaround times.

Produce Less Waste

Digital printing is an excellent way to assist your organization in becoming waste-free! We've assisted clients in saving up to 24% on their operational costs. What better time than now to get started? Include sustainability in your marketing and take use of the possibilities of this new technology while it is still providing you with such incredible benefits, or your competitors may be able to outsmart you. 

Mentioning how environmentally friendly digital prints are may help to develop trust among customers, suppliers, and employees, because everyone likes to know that their purchases have a beneficial impact.

Use Less Resources

Each Digitally Printed Beer Box you buy uses 18% less water, power, and CO2 than a traditional beer box. This implies that not only does Digital Printing produce less waste, but it also consumes fewer resources to create the same package.

Less Time To Manufacture

The best thing about digital printing is that it takes less time to create since it involves less setup, employs fewer machines, and is more straightforward overall. As a consequence, it could be able to help you improve the efficiency of your supply chain. 

Switching to digital printing for beer boxes might help your marketing message reach a bigger audience. Simply modifying your printing method may assist the environment, and you can connect with customers that care about it.

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Tip #3 Use The Extra Budget Elsewhere

Now that you've saved so much money using Digital Printing, you may start spending your money in other ways. You no longer have to stretch to learn new marketing concepts; they are already at your fingertips.

Add Extra Goodies

One of the reasons consumers enjoy e-commerce companies in general, and Beer Boxes in particular, is the extra delights in the package. Stickers, brochures, and cards are some more items to attempt. When you receive your beer shipment each month, it's like Christmas all over again.

Test Out New Personalization Ideas

Now that you've freed up some cash, it's a great time to try out new methods to personalize items for clients. You may spend extra on alternate products depending on the customer's location, or you may just store additional items for a month. In any event, customers will notice.

Flash Sales To Reach More Customers

Sales are a fantastic way to entice people to buy more, but they're also an excellent opportunity to promote on social media. Now is a great time to put together a new client sale using the extra cash in your budget. Growing your customer base is crucial to your company's success, and this might help drive customers over the finish line and make a purchase.

Regardless of the concept you select, having the extra income from switching to digital printing is critical for your organization. If required, you can even set money aside for a rainy day.

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Tip #4 Adapt To The Market Trends

Beer Boxes are no exception when it comes to staying current in the market with your advertising. This printing method helps you to stay current in a number of ways.

Switch Artwork Mid-Production

Why not begin right now, because we know you're always looking for new ways to stand out and be the talk of your town? In between printing phases, custom artwork may be printed directly on beer boxes. With this capacity, we'll provide businesses a chance they've never had before: the possibility to do something different while yet being relevant!

Match Customer Demand

Have you had a swarm of new customers contacting you, and you're having trouble keeping up? Order extra beer crates from Digital Printing to catch up. There are no waiting periods for printing plates or extra equipment, so you may buy as needed.

Keep Your Marketing Fresh

When your marketing approach shifts, it's vital to adjust your packaging. Because bespoke packaging is one of your most costly purchases, it's vital that it coordinates with your new campaign. With digital printing, you may make changes to your output as rapidly as you need. 

You don't want to be the company that is still utilizing outdated marketing materials since that will make you look stale. You may also organize promotions per month or quarter, depending on what you need to do to keep your customers engaged.

Tip #5 Create A Custom Retail Display

You might take something as simple as a Shelf-Ready package stack and combine it with a Full Pallet and Pallet Skirt with the proper packaging partner. 

You can't look at this display and not believe that people will approach it and inspect the beer. Customers are drawn to it because of the bright colors and huge panels with high-resolution graphics. 

Bennett also provides all of our customers with Co-Packing and Fulfillment services. Any order may be shipped to any location in the United States, and it will arrive securely and on schedule. 

Get your product off the shelf and into the hands of your consumers!

Tip #6 Test New Products With Customers

Is your company looking to expand into new sectors or try out new products? For generating a modest quantity of Beer Boxes for a specific campaign, digital printing is a good alternative.

Try A Different Product Category

To grow into a new category that fits with your business, create new branded images. Better better, make fresh items with a consistent design and order them as needed for each test. If you want to be successful, you must simplify your entire business.

Experiment With Alternate Graphics

Do you want to experiment with a fresh look but don't want to offend your present customers? Create a little design that appeals to a specific clientele and see how sales and social media shares increase. It's critical to keep track of your statistics in order to see if you're making progress.

Create Collector's Editions

Customers like one-of-a-kind things, especially from e-commerce stores. And there's nothing like a one-of-a-kind item. Perhaps this is a one-off, or the brand's anniversary, or even the customer's birthday. Make a fresh graphic for your Beer by finding something distinctive.

Experimentation is the most effective approach to learn what works and what doesn't in your business, and it's at the heart of marketing basics. Whether you're a giant business or a tiny one-person operation, digital printing can help you grow.

Create Digitally Printed Beer Boxes Today!

Because digital printing allows for quick production tweaks, it's a great way to test out new marketing and product strategies. For targeted promotions, digital printing may also be utilized to make small quantities of retail packaging. This method allows you to try out new ideas without offending your current clientele or going overboard with your expenses.

With Digital Printing, you may alter production as rapidly as you need to, so don't be afraid to experiment with new graphics or collector's editions. Right now, you can make your own digitally printed beer boxes! For a custom quote, contact Bennett Packaging today.