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6 Design Tips For Health Packaging

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Health Packaging Design Tips

Packaging is a significant aspect of product marketing, particularly in the health sector. It has the potential to influence whether or not someone purchases a product. Because your packaging, not your product, is what people see first. 

A well-designed package may make a product more attractive and hence improve sales. In seconds, it must express your brand, style, ingredients, and more. So we understand how difficult it is to do it properly. 

When it comes to creating health packaging, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. So, have a look at our checklist to get you started in the right route!

Tip #1 Build A Customer Profile

What do your customers and potential customers expect from you and your product? What are the things that elicit a positive response from them and make them feel safe? 

By developing a customer profile early on, you can plan for things like color palettes, forms, and sizes. Using data from the beginning of your customer's journey, before they become a buyer, is invaluable. 

If your customers prefer environmentally friendly products, the packaging should say so! This may be accomplished by choosing earthy colors like brown or green, or by promoting your use of less resources and recyclable items.

Tip #2 Create Alternate Graphics

Consider developing a fresh graphic for each delivery rather than using a one-size-fits-all design. Although all of your packaging should be consistent with your overall aesthetic, each unique image will make buyers feel more special about their purchase.

Each type of health product should have its own graphics that reaches out to catch a customer's attention.

Printing more images does not have to be expensive. Changing the colors to reflect the season or the overall theme might be as simple as that. Instead of using traditional printing processes like Flexo or Litho, you might employ Digital Printing. 

You may print as many designs as you want with High-Speed Digital Printing without having to wait for additional equipment or printing plates. As a result, you'll be able to keep your clients' attention longer than ever before.

Tip #3 Design Shelf-Ready Packaging

Products that are on a shelf may not be as appealing as others that are in a display. That's because something like a shelf display gives you additional marketing space, and room for product benefits.

The additional marketing space can be the make or break between getting the purchase. Test out new designs and find what customers respond to more.

If you design shelf-ready packaging, it means you're streamlining the entire supply chain. It allows you to ship your products in the packaging that will go directly on the shelf. That reduces the chance of your products being damaged, or being disorganized on the shelf.

Tip #4 Make it Gender Neutral

Health items may be promoted to both men and women, therefore be gender neutral if your brand is or if you're introducing a new product that is. Apply the same principles to your package design. 

Utilize gender-neutral hues like grayscale or white if you prefer to use artwork! You may also select photographs that are made in such a manner that people of both genders like looking at them. 

Avoid blatantly gendered front panels by putting other interesting graphics on the box itself, even if your product is promoted to one sex or the other. Another strategy is to provide a lot of material so that all clients may find something to read and love about your products.

Tip #5 Design With An Unboxing Experience

Consider how buyers will engage with packaging when they receive their products and open them. Is there any further information about the product that they should view first? Or are there branding features that they can notice that will persuade them to buy again? 

Creating a simple unpacking experience can aid in the long-term development of a positive relationship between you and your customers. Relationships are highly important, whether online or offline! 

You'll have more possibilities to upsell future deals if you make your customer feel special. They will tell their friends about you if they had a good experience with you. Other factors such as price and quality do play a role.

Assume the role of your own customer, open the box, and come up with creative ways to surprise them.

Tip #6 Create A Premium Option With New Packaging

For more-priced things and clientele, perhaps a higher tier of products should be established. Instead of using the same old box, give clients a one-of-a-kind design for the expensive item. 

Everything about this box should appear more expensive to justify the higher costs. The best approach for health businesses to succeed is to build relationships with clients and make them feel special. 

Although there are always exceptions, the majority of people would gladly pay a little more to feel special when receiving their shipments. It doesn't have to be something unusual, but it should be executed correctly.

If you're selling a higher-priced item, consider developing a custom packaging option. This may be done for high-end customers such as influencers and brand partners, or it could simply be an option for anyone who wants to make their purchase stand out.

Create Custom Health Packaging With Bennett!

When you want to provide your customers an amazing purchasing experience, consider creating customized health packaging for them. With our help, the possibilities are endless! We've worked with a variety of companies to help them create great packaging that reflects their brand and distinguishes them from the competition. 

If you have any concerns regarding how we can develop bespoke boxes for any sort of company or product, let us know. Contact Bennett Packaging today to get started on a new quote.