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6 Design Tips For Beer Packaging

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Designing Beer Packaging

When creating bespoke beer packaging, it's critical to start with the end in mind. It's just as important to figure out why you're designing new beer packaging as it is to figure out who you'll be working with.

Perhaps your sales targets were not met last year, or your current design is not leaving the desired impact. This is an opportunity to make a difference, to improve and excel! 

Whatever brought you to this point, it's very important that you lay out your goals for this new bundle. Why are you making this packaging? Every choice you make during the design and manufacturing process will be filtered through those goals, ensuring that you stay on track.

Let's dig into these 5 Design Tips For Beer Packaging.

Should I Use Custom Packaging Or A Stock Box?

Choosing between a bespoke design and a standard size for your merchandise is critical. However, it's a straightforward process to work through while looking for a solution.

What Is Your Budget?

Do you have the funds to commission a unique form and size? If you don't, the choice is simple. Determine the optimum stock size for your requirements.

Do Your Items Fit Securely In A Standard Size?

If they don't, a custom size could work better for them and be more cost-effective to send. Alternatively, you could find it more cost-effective to include filler to keep your items from sliding inside the box.

Where Are Your Products Going?

Are you sending them to customers directly? Is it possible to find them on a store shelf? The sort of packaging required will be determined by the location of the packing. It's pointless to pay more for packing if it'll just be stuffed into a drab shipping container and thrown away.

Tip #1 Design The Packaging Around Your Bottles

The most important part of superb beer packaging is the label. You can't expect a cardboard box with just a few colors printed on it to attract buyers. It must be a great fit for your items, helpful, safe, and professional in appearance! You think about your items first when you design around them. 

But it's not just about how you look. Naturally, your packaging should match the contents of your goods, but you should also think about the color and design choices you've made in the past. Packaging should enhance rather than detract from your products. Customers will notice the color of the beer first on the package, therefore it should be present.

Make a list of all the design elements that go into creating your product and brand. As long as your design decisions are consistent with those parts, you'll be successful.

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At retail establishments, something that appears like they could pour a glass right now will do well.

Tip #2 Keep Your Packaging Fresh

Thanks to today's production possibilities, there has never been a better moment for businesses to invest in innovative product packaging. Nevertheless, it is important to stay fresh in your client's minds. This may be done in several different ways.

  • Create designs for each quarter. When customers return to the store, your things will stand out on the shelf.
  • Keep your designs current with your marketing campaigns. Nothing irritates you more than a new marketing campaign that doesn't match your product packaging.
  • Ensure your packaging is sturdy enough for the entire cycle. You may need a specific coating to protect your packaging from scuffs and scrapes. Alternatively, owing to breaks caused by humidity differences, you may need to adjust the design.

There are various ways to maximize your packing efforts, so decide what "fresh" means to you and get started!

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Tip #3 Think Through Your Supply Chain Plan

Beer packaging may be a budget increase depending on your current spending, but the most important aspect is to go through your whole supply chain. If you don't plan ahead of time, minor design flaws might lead to huge problems down the line.

If you wanted three inches of tape instead of 1 1/4 inches, for example. Customers have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars while their productivity has increased due to the tape use shift.

Alternatively, the quantity of bottle protection required may increase with each shipment. Maybe a packaging redesign could reduce the amount needed.

Make sure you're not working in a vacuum when you're designing. Work through each step of the process to verify that your new package design is in sync with the rest of the project so there are no surprises.

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Tip #4 Print Alternate Graphics For Each Scenario

Instead of using a one-size-fits-all design, consider printing a variety of visuals. While adopting only one design makes things more efficient and decreases the chances of error, it doesn't help them stand out in the retail environment.

Consider the following:

A Graphic For Each Region

Each place where you sell products has its own specific flavor profile, climate, sports team, and other distinguishing characteristics. Make a graphic that speaks to them rather than using a single design. When people see your packing and things, they will be drawn to you rather than your opponent.

Customize For Every Retailer

While each retailer will have its own set of restrictions, which may demand modest changes in the long run, it's critical to consider the customers who shop there. Customers do not shop in the same way at Walmart and Costco, so you should approach each of them differently.

A Matching Design For Your SKUs

If you use the same design for all your SKUs, customers won't discover you have a large selection. This category might include everything from food to electronics. Using a fresh picture while being faithful to your brand is a great way to make your product look even more high-end.

How will you have all those photos printed without going bankrupt? It's a fantastic idea to switch to High-Speed Digital Printing. You can print as much as you want, whenever you want. There aren't any printing plates to cope with, so there's no need to hold your breath. 

Bennett was one of the first companies in North America to invest in high-speed digital printers, allowing us to keep ahead of the competition. So get in touch with one of our staff to learn more about how Digital can help you.

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Tip #5 Make it Gender Neutral

Because craft beer appeals to both men and women, a gender-neutral design can be great for your brand. Apply the same concepts to the design of your packaging.

Choose gender-neutral colors like grayscale or white for your artwork. You may also choose images designed in such a way that both men and women like looking at them.

Even if your product is marketed to one sex or the other, avoid clearly gendered front panels by using other fascinating visuals on the box itself. Another technique is to present a large amount of content so that every one of your customers can find something to read and like about your items.

Tip #6 Design For Your Target Customer

The key to real success is to start the design process with a better understanding of your target market. All of the above recommendations are critical, but how will your design work if you don't know what your customers want? 

Create a customer profile and target them with your designs. If they want quality, a sleek black package could be the way to go. Perhaps they like natural items, in which case a wood grain pattern or a green accent might be suitable. 

Everything you make should be seen through the eyes of your intended audience. You'll be successful if you begin the procedure there.

Create Custom Beer Packaging With Bennett!

Custom beer packaging is more than simply a means to make your products seem more appealing in the store. It also allows you to connect emotionally with your consumers, which helps you stand out from the competitors. The goal is to create designs that cater to these diverse customer profiles, taking into account their tastes as well as how their minds operate while making purchase decisions. Once you have this information, we can help you bring all of those ideas together and create distinctive beer packaging that will attract customers.

Contact Bennett Packaging today if you want more information about our services or would like to get started right away by requesting a quote online. We look forward to hearing from you soon.