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6 Benefits Of Pallet Displays At Retail

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When it comes to retail displays, there are a ton of different options to choose from. But one of the most popular and versatile choices is the cardboard pallet displays. This type of display offers a lot of advantages for retailers, which is why it’s so popular.

It can maximize the footprint in the store, use all four sides to sell, and use the billboard technique of a pallet skirt at the bottom. Not to mention when used correctly, these displays will make your sales go up more than 190%!

Exploring Pallet Displays

Full Pallet Display

The largest of the three types of pallet displays, this usually clocks in around 40"x48". These allow brands to have a huge footprint at retail, and design in an Unlimited number of ways. But these are also usually the most expensive.

Half Pallet Display

As they're named, these are half the size of Full Pallets, but are just as versatile at 48”x20”. They are better at fitting into tighter spaces, while retaining the same design concepts as the Full Pallet.

Quarter Pallet Display

Usually around 24”x20” in size. These are great for a budget or for a much smaller space in a high traffic area. They are just as sturdy, and have a lot of the same benefits of the other Pallet, but are much smaller to a unique design.

Should I Use A Pallet Display?

Trying to decide if a Pallet Display is right for your campaign can be tough, but it usually comes down to a few key factors. If you have a lot of product and can fill the display up, you have the budget for a larger campaign, or you want a certain footprint.

Sometimes a retailer may specify that you need to use a Pallet Display due to their compliance guidelines. In any case, it's time to talk about the benefits of these displays.

Pallet Displays Are Simple To Ship

There are two options for shipping, assembled and KDF (knocked down flat). The good news about using a Pallet Display is that your retailer will have a streamlined process for getting it out on the store floor.

Shipping it assembled will allow them to easily take it off the truck and put it on the floor as is. This is the simplest way, and thanks to the pallet, they can easily use their forklifts to get it in place.

Shipping it KDF means they will need some assembly instructions, but thanks to the typically simple design, they shouldn't have any trouble putting it together.

Pallet Displays Have A Range Of Designs

No matter what type of product you are selling, a Pallet Display can be built to serve your needs. Thanks to the versatile design, you can design the display around your products, instead of the other way around.

You could put a product in display in a clear case, or allow customers to touch and feel one that is outside of a protective case. Whatever you need, the display can be built to fit it.

Extra Marketing Space

The whole point of using a POP Display is to catch customers attention, and Pallet Displays allow you to have so many additional marketing space to do just that. You have four clear sides to put products and marketing information, the ability to include a header, and more.

So when you're designing a Pallet Display, be sure to let those creative juices flow for you and your team!

Using A Pallet Skirt

Thanks to the design of these displays, you can integrate a Pallet Skirt into your design and really use the additional marketing space. This is typically best served with large text to callout product benefits as customers are 10'-30' away.

Using a Pallet Skirt allows you to think through the entire customer journey from seeing your display, your products, and picking them up for purchase.

Sell Multiple Products On The Display

Our favorite part about Pallet Displays is selling multiple products together. Whether you're putting products in a combo pack, or your different products on each side of the display, the display will serve your needs.

Why use a display to sell one product, when it can do so much more!

Get Started On A Pallet Display Today!

When you're ready to start designing your next campaign, be sure to consider a Pallet Display. These are so versatile and allow for so many different uses that everybody can benefit from using them!

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