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5 Tips To Increase Sales With Half-Pallet Displays

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Half-Pallet Displays Attract Customers

When it comes to hitting your sales goals this year, your company has to try something new to get better results. You can't go wrong with using a Half-Pallet Display. That's because they have the perfect footprint at retail stores that give you enough space to educate the customer while keeping the display size manageable for easy shopping.

A Half-Pallet can be a great display for your brand if you're not quite ready for a Full-Pallet, but want to investigate new marketing methods. These are a great way to sell a combination of products, make a big push on a new product launch, or take advantage of a seasonal sale.

Whatever your reason for including a Half-Pallet Display, you've come to the right place for information.

1. Create A Store-Within-A-Store

Shoppers are overwhelmed by the sea of products they see when entering a store. However, if you can command their attention with your Half-Pallet Display, you dramatically increase your chances for a sale.

This is the perfect way to show shoppers how your product will improve their lives or what makes it different from other brands. You have plenty of room for brochures and coupons so they can leave with more information than they came in with.

Capture the customer's attention, and don't let it go! Create a customer sequence and plan out what they should see at each step.

2. Increase Your Product Visibility At Retail

Retailers know how difficult it can be to get shoppers interested in their product. That's why they want your display to stand out even when many other items are competing for attention.

Half-Pallet Displays give you the best of both worlds because it has a big footprint but only takes up half the retail space. There's still room for them near the front of the store or along an aisle so they don't become lost in the crowd.

And by using the large panels of a Pallet Skirt, you can include large, bright, colorful graphics that attract customers from across the aisle. The more visible your products are, the more likely customers are to make a purchase.

One advantage of using Half-Pallets is their ability to attract attention.

Tips To Stay Visible:

  • Use consistent branding elements across your entire campaign
  • A large font for key product benefits
  • Design for +10ft away, 3ft away, and interacting with your products.

Pallet Skirts are fairly simple to use because you can build them around empty pallets or even create a bottomless version that is more like an island display with nothing but Half-Pallets along the walls or at each corner.

This allows customers to move freely through the area but still see all of your products along the way.

3. Create A Sense Of Urgency

Half-Pallets can be used for multiple products instead of just one. For companies with several products, a Half-Pallet Display is a perfect way to promote them all in one shot and make sure customers see all of your items.

You can even put seasonal items like lawn decorations next to barbecue grills so you get an impulse buy when they are standing at the counter. Or use them to make a big push for a new product launch.

Many companies have made huge announcements for their new product launches only to find no one pays attention because everyone's already buying something else. You can't let that happen to you!

Use a Half-Pallet Display to show off your best features and attract people walking by to take interest in it rather than just walking by while looking at their phone or the store around them.

Don't forget that you can use your Half-Pallet Display for product promotion! They're great at highlighting an upcoming sale or event.

For example, if there is a new recipe that customers need some key ingredients for, but those on display in your Half-Pallet Stand so people know what they are looking for when the time comes.

With this method, you let shoppers see all of the available products included in the promotion ahead of time so no one misses out on what they want to buy by waiting until the last minute.

4. Extend Your Brand Experience For Customers

Remind customers who you are and what you stand for at every point in the process. The entire shopping experience should feel branded, no matter what store they are in.

Brand Experience

For example, a retailer selling health products may want a Half-Pallet Display that shows its commitment to the community and offers healthy choices for people who want them. They could also highlight their membership with the local Rotary Club or another similar organization so customers know they share common interests.

Customers pick up on these details when shopping because product quality alone isn't enough anymore. Consumers have grown accustomed to companies spending big money on marketing campaigns so they know when a company is honest and when it's just trying to sell something by any means necessary.

Brand Story

Just as Half-Pallets can be used for product promotion, they can also be a great way to tell your brand's story. For example, a business that provides services like catering or offers a full menu of options beyond what you'd normally see at a retail establishment may want to use half-sized displays for this purpose.

The idea is to let customers know more about your company without taking up too much space. These displays are usually used as free-standing units so they don't take up prime counter space and make the rest of the room look empty.

You could also use Pallet Skirts as part of an overall branding effort because it showcases your company's style, your unique selling proposition (USP), and standards for product quality.

5. Print More Than One Graphic

Forget about the idea of a one-size-fits-all design this year. That's the old way of creating a Half-Pallet Display. Instead, you should be creating more by switching to High-Speed Digital Printing.

For example, if you're selling supplies for school sports teams, you can create a Half-Pallet Display that shows off the different logos for each of the teams that are popular in the area.

Let shoppers know they are getting something exclusive to their town or city so they feel special about shopping there instead of at another store carrying the same products. This is especially true when it comes to clothing boutiques where people want to buy locally made goods because they are looking for something unique.

High-Speed Digital Printing lets retailers easily change out graphics every month or season, making sure their displays stay current with what's going on around them outside of just seasonal promotions where you would see these kinds of things all year round anyway.

Pro Tip: Digital Printing also means sustainable when used correctly! 

Create A Custom Half-Pallet Display Today!

If you’re looking for a way to promote your product or service without taking up valuable real estate on the floor, Half-Pallet Displays are an excellent option. These free-standing displays can be designed to showcase your products in creative ways that make it easy for customers to find what they want and know where everything is located.

You can also use them as part of branding efforts because they give potential shoppers insight into how your company operates, what its values are, and which industries you serve best. If all this sounds like too much work though, don’t worry!

Our team has plenty of experience creating custom designs that meet any need our clients have while staying within budget constraints. Let us help you create the perfect solution, and get you a quote today.