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5 Tips To Increase Sales With A Full-Pallet Display

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Full-Pallet Displays Are The Real Deal

Shoppers are still going to retail stores, they are just spending more time inside of them. Especially the new generation who grew up online, they prefer to try out products before buying anything.

A full-pallet display can be a store's best friend during this shopping shift because it allows customers to see and touch an item that they might not have had access to before.

What Is A Full-Pallet Display?

A full-pallet display is where items are housed on one large stack of products, usually resting on a pallet (hence the name). Typically 48"x40" in size. This allows customers to see all sides of an item and test its weight with their hands. 4-sides available to fill with product in different combinations. Sometimes used as a miniature store-front.

Why Use a Full-Pallet Display?

A full pallet display provides the ultimate form of hands-on shopping because shoppers can directly interact with an entire case, not just one or two pieces. It's like having a mini store in your retail location.

Full pallets can be set up at any point along the store's shop floor. They allow retailers to increase shelf presence in-season because they capture attention when other parts of the retail environment do not. When used for cross selling, it also reduces inconsistencies when compared to using multiple fixtures or dividers in creating order among your merchandise presentation.

There are many benefits that come with this unique marketing tool besides customer satisfaction; they include:

  • Allows shoppers to feel products with one on the display
  • Increases sales by 50% due to the interactive nature of this marketing tool
  • Allows retailers to showcase more products at once, or in combination
  • Stores can highlight seasonal products and build hype around new products

5 Tips To Increase Sales

So what are those tips?

1. Full-Pallet Displays create a store-within-a-store

A Full-Pallet Display serves as an extension of your brand in the retail environment. This means that you should not only use this tactic for in-season items, but also for something to cross-sell other product lines.

Controlling your brand's image at retail is so important, rather than simply having your products stocked on a shelf and relying on your packaging to do the work. This display will create your own organization that can fit into the overall store's style but is more representative of your values.

When it comes to increasing sales, you MUST find a way to stand out.

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2. The display can be used to increase the visibility of products in the store

A major problem with retail is that many products get lost within the store and some customers end up buying things that they don't really want. If you can ensure that your product stands out and catches their eye, then your chances of increasing sales will skyrocket.

This display method places more control in your hands rather than relying on a shelf where other objects can be placed directly in front of it. You can also control the exposure that your product receives by placing it in the perfect spot.

Rather than having an associate attempt to explain how your product works, you are giving them the opportunity for a hands-on demonstration. This form of selling is much more effective because it offers shoppers something unique and allows them to explore aspects of the item without any distractions or added pressure from a salesperson.

It allows customers to make a purchasing decision on their own terms and with less anxiety since they were able to test out exactly what they wanted beforehand.

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3. Displays can create a sense of urgency for customers

We've all been there: you like an item but the price is too high and the item tends to sell out quickly. This is why displays are so crucial because if customers can see that it's in demand, then they'll be more inclined to purchase it as soon as possible.

It doesn't matter whether your customers are shopping online or in a physical store; customers who know what they want will rely on this visual cue to tell them when their product might sell out rather than hunt for it themselves.

Using a full pallet display allows you to create urgency around products and gives shoppers a reason to buy now rather than later.  This tactic has been proven effective by many retailers currently using this method successfully!

4. Increase brand awareness and enhance your marketing campaign

Can your company afford to put out an expensive marketing campaign? While there are many ways to increase brand awareness, it all starts with retail.

This is great for new companies who are trying to make a name for themselves but also works well if you're focusing on limited-time offers or something that's not typically available in your store. People love novelty and will flock to the item once they know that it's special.

You'll also be able to generate hype around new products by creating a display before they even hit store shelves so customers can feel more connected to what they are purchasing. This form of engagement has been known to sell out products before they ever arrive on the sales floor!

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5. They are completely customizable for any product or retailer

One of the best things about these displays is that you can customize them to fit your needs. Whether this means putting a large piece on top of several smaller items or adjusting the height so it suits your display, there are endless ways to use this tactic in conjunction with any style of store.

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to creating a customized display that's going to work for exactly what you need. Not only can you change up where certain objects go, but you can also swap out one product for another without having to worry about massive amounts of wasted space.

If you need to showcase multiple products for a limited time or if your store is going through a seasonal change, these displays have been known to be completely versatile and easy to put together!

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Create A Full-Pallet Display Today!

There's a reason why this form of marketing is becoming more and more popular throughout the retail industry. Whether you're trying to promote products for a limited time, create a sense of urgency or introduce your products in an exciting new way, full-pallet displays are going to do the job!

If you want to see what it looks like when brands use these displays right now, then check out some examples from companies that have been successful with their display methods.

Need help putting together a full pallet display? Talk to a representative today and get started on a new quote.