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5 Digital Printing Tips For Subscription Boxes

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Subscription Boxes Were Made For Digital

Because it's one of the key contacts they have with their customers, e-commerce firms need to have an excellent Subscription Box? However, how can you take your brand to the next level and make it appear more upscale? By moving to High-Speed Digital Printing instead of traditional printing processes.

Digitally Printed Subscription Boxes are the gateway to improving your customers unboxing experience, because it opens the door to more advanced marketing techniques. You may print as many patterns as you like, add a personalized touch, and target clients in a variety of ways using this printing process.

But where do you start? What are the most effective designs? What Digital Printing advice can you find? We're here to assist you. Continue reading to discover more about our suggestions for making the move to high-speed digital printing.

Bennett Packaging Bought The First Digital Press In North America

When we first saw what technology could achieve, we felt Digital Printing was the way of the future. That's why we purchased a high-speed digital printer from a Spanish company and had it transported to the United States. We anticipated that our clients would be interested in the technology, so we set out to make it available as soon as possible. 

Bennett has made great progress in the digital sphere since then, thanks to all of this information. We bought a second Digital Printer, making us the first company in North America to have two of them on the same floor. We are quite optimistic about the future.

Tip #1 Print Alternate Graphics

Digital printing has always been utilized for short-run designs rather than bigger ones. However, because of what Digital has enabled them to accomplish, the entire market has been flipped upside down. But, in terms of printing other designs, what are the ideal scenarios?

Different Regions

Printing various alternative designs might be beneficial if your brand has multiple areas. This enables you to specifically target your consumers depending on their location, neighboring sports teams, or whether they reside near mountains, seas, or woods. Consider your consumers' locations and speak to them more directly.

Each Product Category

Examine your SKUs and see if you can group them into categories with their own design. Perhaps you offer goods, and the Men's and Women's sections should have distinct looks and feel to better target clients. If you sell electronics, for example, things connected to headphones or music should feel distinct from items related to movies or computer equipment.

Every Season

Is it the beginning of the year or the end of the year? Consider a Subscription Box that arrives on your doorstep and is themed around the weather. Send fresh greens and yellows in the Spring. Summer is all about the beach, whereas Fall is all about the changing leaves. Finally, Winter may be either pleasant and snowy or evocative of a cozy fireplace.

All of this is possible because to high-speed digital printing. Other printing technologies, on the other hand, often require printing plates or bigger volume orders to justify their prices. 

When it comes to Subscription Boxes, this is typically the best place to start.

Make a list of your finest alternate graphic ideas and organize them around a theme.

Tip #2 Double Down On Sustainability

High-speed digital printing is a more environmentally friendly solution for making Subscription Boxes. Bennett also has all of the specialized equipment needed to quickly and successfully create your product, allowing for quick turnaround times.

Produce Less Waste

Digital printing is a fantastic approach to help your company become waste-free! We've helped clients save up to 24% on their operational expenditures. What better time to start than right now? Include sustainability in your marketing and take use of the potential of this new technology while it is still offering such amazing benefits to you, or else your rivals may be able to beat you to it. 

Mentioning how environmentally friendly digital prints are may also help build trust among consumers, suppliers, and workers, because everyone enjoys knowing that their purchases have a positive influence.

Use Less Resources

Each Digitally Printed Subscription Box you purchase uses 18% less resources overall, such as water, electricity, and CO2. This means that Digital Printing not only produces less waste, but it also uses fewer resources to produce the same package.

Less Time To Manufacture

The nicest thing about digital printing is that it takes less time to produce since it requires less setup, uses fewer machines, and is simpler overall than conventional printing processes.

Switching to digital printing for subscription boxes might help you reach a wider audience with your marketing message. You can help the environment simply by changing your printing process, and you can communicate to consumers who care about it.

It may be able to help streamline your supply chain. 

Tip #3 Use The Extra Budget Elsewhere

You may start spending your budget in other ways now that you've saved so much money using Digital Printing. Instead of having to stretch to explore new marketing concepts, you now have them at your fingertips.

Add Extra Goodies

The extra treats in the box are one of the reasons people adore e-commerce firms and Subscription Boxes in particular. Additional goods to try include stickers, pamphlets, and cards. Each month, it's like Christmas all over again when you open your subscription package.

Test Out New Personalization Ideas

Now that you've freed up some cash, it's a fantastic opportunity to experiment with new ways to customize things for clients. Depending on the customer's location, you may spend more on alternate things, or you may just stockpile additional items one month. Customers will notice in any case.

Flash Sales To Reach More Customers

Sales are a terrific method to encourage customers to buy more, but they're also a great excuse to promote on social media. With the extra cash in your budget, now is a wonderful opportunity to put together a new customer sale. Growing your client base is critical to your business's success, and this might assist push consumers over the edge to make a purchase. 

Having the extra cash from transitioning to digital printing is crucial for your business, regardless of which idea you choose. You may even put money aside for a rainy day if necessary.

Tip #4 Adapt To The Market Trends

Subscription Boxes are no exception when it comes to staying current in the market with your advertising. This printing approach allows you to keep fresh in a variety of ways.

Switch Artwork Mid-Production

Why not start now, because we know you're constantly seeking for fresh ways to stand out and be the talk of your town? Custom artwork may be printed directly on subscription boxes in between printing steps. With this capacity, we'll provide businesses with an opportunity they've never had before: the chance to accomplish something unique while remaining relevant!

Match Customer Demand

Have a slew of new consumers contacting you, and you're having difficulties keeping up? To catch up, order extra subscription boxes from Digital Printing. You may order as required because there are no waiting periods for printing plates or extra equipment.

Keep Your Marketing Fresh

It's critical to alter your packaging whenever your marketing strategy changes. Because bespoke packaging is one of your most expensive expenses, it's critical that it match your new campaign. You may alter production as quickly as you need with digital printing. 

You don't want to be the company that is still utilizing outdated marketing materials since that will make you look stale. Depending on what you need to do to keep your clients interested, you may even arrange promotions by month or quarter.

Tip #5 Test New Products With Customers

Is your team wanting to branch out into new categories or experiment with new products? Digital printing is an excellent option for producing a small number of Subscription Boxes for a specific campaign.

Try A Different Product Category

Create fresh branded visuals to expand into a new category that suits with your brand. Better yet, create a uniform design for new goods and order them as needed for each test. It's vital to streamline your whole business if you want to be successful.

Experiment With Alternate Graphics

Are you thinking about trying out a new visual but don't want to alienate your current customers? Create a tiny design that speaks to a certain client base and observe how sales and social media shares improve. Tracking your data is essential for determining whether or not you're making progress.

Create Collector's Editions

Customers like unique items, especially from e-commerce businesses. And there's nothing quite like a limited-edition item. Perhaps this is a one-off, or the brand's anniversary, or even the customer's birthday.

Find something unique and use it to create a new graphic for your Subscription Box. 

Experimentation is the most effective approach to learn what works and what doesn't in your business, and it's at the heart of marketing basics. Digital Printing can help you expand, whether you're a large corporation or a small one-person enterprise.

Create Digitally Printed Subscription Boxes Today!

Because digital printing allows for fast adjustments in manufacturing, it's a terrific opportunity to try out new marketing and product tactics. Digital printing may also be used to produce modest amounts of retail packaging for targeted promotions. This strategy allows you to experiment with new ideas without upsetting your present clients or overspending. 

You may switch production as quickly as you need to using Digital Printing, so don't be afraid to experiment with different graphics or collector's editions. Make your own digitally printed subscription boxes right now! For a custom quote, contact Bennett Packaging today.