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5 Digital Printing Tips For Full-Pallet Displays

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Full-Pallet Displays are one of the most premium display options on the market. That's because they not only have a huge footprint, allow a lot of products to be stocked, and allow for more complex designs - they allow you to do some very strategic marketing. But to access those strategies, it's best to switch to high-speed digital printing.

Why? Isn't high-speed digital printing used for "short runs"? In the past, yes it was. But the market has made some dramatic shifts as digital printing has grown from its infancy.

The traditional printing methods are still typically used for extremely large volumes, but the entire mindset behind that is the problem. The old methods of one-size-fits-all are dead and buried. To attract customers to your products, you have to enhance the brand experience, stay fresh, and use less materials.

High-speed digital printing allows you to do all of that.

The History Of High-Speed Digital Printing With POP Displays

High-Speed Digital Printing got its start in the late 2000s as a production method for short runs. The technology was still fairly new and customers only trusted it for smaller runsat first.

As time went on and "full color" became more attainable, high-speed digital printing expanded to larger runs. But it was still limited to smaller displays even though its production speeds were much faster than larger, traditional presses.

Bennett Packaging Bought The First Digital Press In North America

When we first saw what Digital Printing could do, we knew it was the future. That's why we purchased the first high-speed digital printer from a company in Spain and brought it to the United States. The technology was something we knew customers would want and we immediately set out to provide it.

All that experience has put us ahead of the learning curve and Bennett has been growing with digital ever since. We bought a 2nd Digital Printer, and are the only manufacturer with two in the same facility in North America. And we aren't looking back!

Tip #1 Print Alternate Graphics For The Display

The key to success with full pallet displays is maximizing the space. This includes all product images, messaging, and designs for the store. Digital printing allows you to do this in ways that traditional printing cannot touch.

Different Regions

Every region that your display is in should get a unique graphic to match the customers that live there. You wouldn't want to put beach pictures in the northeast during winter. It just wouldn't connect with customers at all.

Each Retailer

Every retailer you are working with likely has different style guides and sizing restrictions. That means you are already making alterations to the display and you're budget is going up. But without the need for printing plates, you could easily print a unique graphic on each of these displays that fit in better with customers who shop there.

Unique Designs For Each SKU

Maybe you're making a different display for each SKU that you have to better color code the displays. If you use the same graphic on each display, they're not going to look like different products. For example, a blueberry drink should be gushing with luscious blues, while the strawberry display should be a bright red that looks as tasty as the drink itself. Stop limiting your sales potential with a single graphic.

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Tip #2 Double Down On Sustainability

When you switch to high-speed digital printing for Full-Pallet Displays, you get access to a more sustainable printing method. And with Bennett, we can help you even more to other specialty machinery that we own that cut the production process down considerably.

Produce Less Waste

Digital Printing produces less waste than traditional printing methods. We've helped customers cut their waste down by as much as 24% on the exact same order! And what better way to take advantage of that than by including the sustainability information in your marketing!

Use Less Resources

Every Full-Pallet Display you order will use water, electricity, and more. But with Digital Printing, you can see a reduction by as much as 18% on your order. Again, this becomes another arrow in your marketing quiver by telling the customer what you are doing to help reduce your impact.

Less Time To Manufacture

Digital Printing won't add time to your job, but it will cut the number of different presses that you need. In a traditional printing scenario, you'll have additional equipment and labor needed for each color to run the designs separately. With Bennett's Digital Printer, we can produce all colors at once with a single press!

Tip #3 Use The Extra Budget Elsewhere

Thanks to the overall reductions, and the lack of printing plates, digital printing is saving you money. So why not spend it elsewhere to increase your sales?

Order Additional Signage

If you're already creating signage for the displays, then you know that Digital Printing will save you all kinds of time. So why not use the money saved to order additional signage? Putting larger displays in different sections of the store is an easy way to get customers to explore your products more!

Take Some Chances

When you aren't spending all of your money on the displays, it gives you more freedom to take some chances. It could be offering a new flavor or style that was never possible before because of cost and time concerns. This is how we get ahead in the long term!

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Create Additional Marketing Materials

With the time saved, you could easily create additional marketing material to get customers more excited about your product. It doesn't have to be graphic design either! You could use digital printing methods to generate new printed materials like flyers, pamphlets, commercials, or social media posts that promote your brand!

Tip #4 Get Your Full-Pallet Display To Market Faster

The biggest benefit to high-speed digital printing is just how fast we can get your display to the market. When you need printing plates, you will be forced to typically wait 6-8 weeks. But with digital, we can get you to the store faster.

Switch Artwork Mid-Production

Thanks to the ease of digital printing, we can switch the artwork on your full-pallet display mid-production. That means you can move as fast as the market does. Did you have a viral hit online, or want to follow a new trend? Get it to us ASAP.

Match Customer Demand

If customer demand changes, we can adjust your full-pallet display on the fly. You never know when a new flavor or style will become popular, and we want to make sure you are ready. Working with digital makes it possible to better track production with customer demand.

Keep Your Marketing Fresh

One of the most attractive things about digital printing is that it also allows you to keep your marketing fresh. We can update a single item without changing the entire order, or we could print a new batch if necessary. Whether that's a unique header, signage, or something else, printing a quick replacement item has never been easier.

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Tip #5 Conduct Tests In Key Markets

Our favorite tip on the list is to conduct tests in key markets with your Full-Pallet Displays. This only becomes possible when you make the switch to high-speed digital printing.

A short test of a single market will help you decide if investing in digital printing is worth it. Rather than spending tens of thousands to run a full pilot project, try a few markets and see how they react to your displays. If they make money, then buy more!

Test A New Product

Sometimes when you have a new product, it's not necessary to run the entire pilot project in every market. After all, testing in one area is cheaper than testing everywhere! In these cases, we recommend testing in a few key markets where you can get the most bang for your buck.

Test Products In A New Retailer

Maybe you are forming a new relationship with a retailer, and they want to run a test of a Full-Pallet Display in their stores to see how customers respond. Digital Printing allows you to quickly swap out your graphics to match their retail store's style and have a better chance for success.

Try New Graphics And Test Results

If you aren't testing your current marketing efforts or your Full-Pallet Displays, then you are missing out on important data. One of the key strategies that marketers love is to conduct A-B testing. With digital printing, you can print a handful of designs, see which performs better, and then spend your budget on the best-performing display.

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Talk With Bennett And Switch To Digital Printing Today!

Digital printing has revolutionized the way we produce Full-Pallet Displays. Not only is it faster, but also easier to switch artwork and track production with customer demand. With digital printing, you can keep your marketing fresh and test products in key markets for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

If you're still not sure if high-speed digital printing is right for you or your Full-Pallet Display, talk with one of our experts today!