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5 Digital Printing Tips For Endcap Displays

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Is Digital Right For Endcap Displays?

Endcap Displays are a low-cost display option for retail establishments. That's because they have a large enough footprint to allow you to store many products and use more sophisticated designs.

These pop displays can enable some pretty clever marketing campaigns, and switching to high-speed digital printing is the most effective way to do that. 

Why? Isn't "short run" digital printing done with high-speed digital printing? Yes, that was the situation previously. The market has evolved drastically as digital printing has progressed beyond its infancy.

For high-volume printing, traditional printing methods are still employed, but the mentality that drives them is the issue. One-size-fits-all approaches are no longer viable.

To entice shoppers to your products, you must improve the brand experience, keep it fresh, and utilize fewer materials. 

All of this is made feasible by high-speed digital printing.

The History Of High-Speed Digital Printing

High-speed digital printing (HSDP) was launched in the early 2000s as a short-run manufacturing process. Customers first trusted the system only for small—to mid-sized orders.

High-speed digital printing has extended to more considerable quantities as "full color" printing has become more affordable. It was confined to smaller production runs because scaling costs make other methods cheaper when you order enough.

Bennett Packaging Bought The First Digital Press In North America

When we first saw what technology could do, we thought digital printing was the way of the future. That's why we bought the first high-speed digital printer from a Spanish business and shipped it to the US. We expected our clients to demand the technology, so we set out to make it available as quickly as feasible. 

Bennett has progressed in the digital realm since then as a result of all of this knowledge. We purchased a second Digital Printer, making us the first firm in North America to have two on the same premises. And there's no way we'll return!

Tip #1 Print Alternate Graphics For The Display

The key to success with full pallet displays is to utilize space. Digital printing makes this feasible in ways that traditional printing does not, including all of the product photos, text, and visuals in the shop.

Every Regions

Each region where your display is placed should have a unique design that corresponds to the clients who reside there. For example, in the winter, you wouldn't want to hang beach photographs in the northeast. With customers in the wrong region, it's simply not going to work.

Different Retailers

Every store you deal with is likely to have their own set of style guidelines and sizing limitations. This indicates that you've previously modified the display and increased your budget.

You could quickly print a unique design on each display without printing plates, making them more appealing to customers.

A Design For Each SKU

Perhaps you're creating a separate display for each SKU to more effectively color-code the displays. Your displays will not appear to be separate items if they all have the same design.

A blueberry drink, for example, should be a rich blue, while a strawberry display should be a vibrant red that looks as good as the drink. It's a mistake to let a single graphic limit your sales possibilities.

Tip #2 Double Down On Sustainability

By moving to high-speed digital printing for Endcap Displays, you may employ a more environmentally responsible printing technique. Bennett can also assist you with additional specialized machinery, which may significantly speed up manufacturing.

Produce Less Waste

Digital printing produces less waste than traditional printing methods. In the same transaction, we've helped clients reduce garbage by up to 24%! What better way to capitalize on this than to integrate sustainability information in your marketing?

Use Less Resources

Water, electricity, and other resources will be used in every Endcap Display you buy. On the other hand, digital printing might save you up to 18% on your purchase. When you tell the consumer what you're doing to help lessen your impact, this becomes another arrow in your marketing quiver.

Less Time To Manufacture

Although digital printing does not add time to your process, it does reduce the number of presses required. In a traditional printing setting, you'll need additional equipment and staff for each color to run the designs separately. Bennett's Digital Printer lets us print all colors simultaneously on a single press!

Tip #3 Use The Extra Budget Elsewhere

Digital printing saves money due to the total savings and the lack of printing plates. Why not use it to increase your sales?

Order Additional Signage

If you're already developing signs for the exhibits, you know how much time Digital Printing will save you. Why not spend your money on additional signs instead of conserving it? Using larger displays in different locations of the store is an easy technique to encourage customers to spend more time looking at your products.

Take Some Chances

You have more discretion to take risks when you aren't spending all your money on the displays.

It might be bringing to market a new flavor or style that was previously unattainable due to cost or timing constraints. This is how you achieve long-term success!

Create Additional Marketing Materials

You can use the time saved by creating more marketing materials to increase customers' interest in your goods. You don't even need to be a graphic designer!

You may utilize digital printing technology to create new printed materials for your business, such as flyers, brochures, advertising, and social media postings!

Tip #4 Get Your Endcap Display To Market Faster

The most crucial benefit of high-speed digital printing is the speed at which we can deliver your display to market. If you need printing plates, you'll have to wait 6-8 weeks on average. Using digital, we can get you to the store faster.

Switch Artwork Mid-Production

Due to the ease of digital printing, we may change the artwork on your Endcap display in the middle of manufacture. This means you'll be able to keep up with the market. Do you want to launch a new trend or go viral online? Please provide it as soon as possible.

Match Customer Demand

We may adjust your Endcap display on the fly if customer demand changes. We want to ensure you're ready in case a new trend or taste emerges.

When you operate digitally, you can better match output to client demand.

Keep Your Marketing Fresh

One of the most appealing aspects of digital printing is how easy it is to keep your marketing materials current. If necessary, we may modify a single item without affecting the rest of the order or print a new batch.

Printing a quick replacement item, whether a unique header, signage, or anything else, has never been easier.

Tip #5 Conduct Tests In Key Markets

The most important advice on the list is to test your Endcap Displays in major markets. You won't be able to do so unless you switch to high-speed digital printing. 

You can determine whether digital printing is helpful by doing a quick test of a certain market. Try out a few marketplaces to see how customers react to your displays before committing tens of thousands of dollars to a full-fledged trial project. If they're making money, they should purchase more!

Test A New Product

The most important piece of advice on the list is to test your Endcap Displays in major markets. You won't be able to do so unless you switch to high-speed digital printing. 

You can determine whether digital printing is helpful by doing a quick test of a certain market. Try out a few marketplaces to see how customers react to your displays before committing tens of thousands of dollars to a full-fledged trial project. If they're making money, they should purchase more!

Test Products In A New Retailer

Maybe you're starting a new partnership with a retailer that wants to try an Endcap Display in one of their stores to see how people react. Using digital printing, you may easily alter your images to match the design of their retail store, improving your chances of success.

Try New Graphics And Test Results

If you're not testing your existing marketing initiatives or Endcap Displays, you're missing out on valuable data. A/B testing is one of the most widely used marketing tactics. You may print a few designs to see which ones work best, and then spend your money on the best-performing display using digital printing.

Talk With Bennett And Switch To Digital Printing!

Thanks to digital printing, the method we use to make Endcap Displays has changed dramatically. It's not only speedier but also simpler to update artwork and track production to keep up with consumer demand.

Digital printing allows you to keep your marketing fresh and test items in important areas at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. 

If you're still unsure whether high-speed digital printing is ideal for you or your Endcap Display, contact one of our specialists right now!