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5 Design Tips For Half-Pallet Displays

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Half-Pallet Displays Have A Large Footprint

When it comes to creating a Half-Pallet Display for retail stores, it can look like an overwhelming process for you and your team. Where do you even start with the design process?

Many things go into designing an effective Half-Pallet Display. When creating a retail display for your product, you want the consumer to be able to see what you are offering clearly and up close. It can be easy to make a mistake when it comes to designing a half pallet display because it has a large footprint and therefore needs a lot of planning.

It is important that you start on the right foot with your design process because if not, it could lead to confusion and an ineffective display. So here are five tips you should keep in mind when designing Half-Pallet Displays for retail stores.

1. Design The Display Around Your Product

It is very important that when designing a Half Pallet Display, you use the product itself as a design benchmark. You do not want to spend hours creating a display and then realize that it does not highlight your specific product or merchandise suitably.

Start by looking at the color choices on your product, packaging, and your branding. Make sure every element on the display enhances those colors and designs, that way customers are enticed to examine your products, not just the display.

Maybe you're selling a combination of items, or even a combo pack. The display should put your products out for easy access, and help to visually explain the product hierarchy to customers.

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2. Reorganize Your Products For Alternate Layouts

You may have spent days on end planning out your product merchandising strategy. You know where all of your products are supposed to sit in the store, but it takes some juggling to see how they all fit together around a specific display. Now it's time to get creative with product placement!

A great design step is to think of alternate layout options to ensure you have the optimal Half Pallet Display. How the products are placed on the display impacts everything else. It determines how many can be stocked at a time, how easy it is for customers to access products, and what things customers see first on the display.

So take a look at other ways to organize your products, and check out the other possibilities.

3. Include Your Brand Story And Product Benefits

When it comes to Half-Pallet Displays, you want to give your customers all the information they need to know about your product. Include things like your brand name, story, and product benefits.

Your branding is essential in communicating who you are as a company so take advantage of this by using different logos and colors to highlight what makes them unique. Use additional signage like a header to communicate how the products help customers or solve specific problems for them, too.

Customers today are expecting more out of brands. It's not enough to simply sell them products anymore. You MUST give customers a brand experience that lasts beyond the purchase.

If you need to print more than one graphic, then you should consider high-speed digital printing. It can help you be more sustainable, and use more complex marketing strategies.

4. Get Inspired At Retail And Club Stores

Do you go into Retail or Club stores often? Pick up on trends by looking at how other brands are merchandising their products. Get inspiration from these displays to see what works, and what doesn't.

Maybe you notice certain Half Pallet Display elements that impress or inspire you. Maybe there is a certain design feature that catches your eye or an overall layout of the store display. Try keeping catalogs of retail stores with interesting Half Pallet Displays to get ideas for your own displays down the line.

The best advice we can give you is to observe your customers. See what elements they respond to, and the others that they simply walk past. Design your display with everything that works, and drop the rest.

Pro Tip: Be sure to adhere to Club Store Guidelines when you are designing a display for them.

5. Double-Check Your Efficiency

Lastly, make sure you're designing a Half Pallet Display that is functional and efficient. Try to maximize the number of products that can be displayed on it at once, but without overcrowding.

An important aspect in the design phase is making sure your display will still look great when it's stocked with products. That way you won't have to worry about re-designing every time you have a different amount of merchandise to stock.

Start by looking at how many products fit on each row or level, then add in additional safety margins for when the display is fully stocked.

But it's not just about the display or the products themselves. The best display needs to be efficiently shipped and assembled. Each mile that it has to travel is another mile eating into your bottom line.

Create A Half Pallet Display Today!

Designing a Half Pallet Display that is both functional and efficient can be challenging. However, if you take the time to plan out your display and get inspired by other retail stores, you can create a display that catches customers' attention and drives sales.

What do you think? What are some of the best Half Pallet Displays that you've seen and how did they influence your displays?

If you're looking to create a custom Half Pallet Display, talk with our team today!