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5 Design Tips For Full-Pallet Displays

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Custom full-pallet displays are becoming popular, providing a hands-on visual experience for consumers. Whether it's apparel, automotive parts, or other product lines, custom full pallet displays are taking center stage in retail merchandising.

A full-pallet display is especially useful when you have a lot of products to showcase. As more consumers become comfortable with the idea of custom displays, they are looking for even more ways to engage with products on an interactive level.

There's no reason your business can't offer the same experience, but it requires some creativity and planning. Designing effective custom full pallet displays takes careful planning and consideration.

Here are five design tips to help!

1. Design A Display For One Customer, Not The Crowd

Customers want to feel special, but that doesn't mean your display needs to hit them over the head with a single product. When creating a custom full pallet display, consider the primary customer and how you can cater to his or her specific preferences.

For example, if it's a sports apparel store, create a display themed around football. When you design a display for one specific customer, it creates a more personal experience. It will help customers feel like they're a part of the brand and its story.

Start by building a customer profile to better understand what they respond to. Then every design choice should be filtered through that information.

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2. Maximize Efficiency

Don't let the word "full" make you over-design your display. Bigger isn't always better, especially when it comes to full-pallet displays. Sometimes less is more! If possible, use a five-foot-tall by the four-foot-wide pallet for a high level of stability and sturdy construction.

Remember that your goal is to tell a story with your custom full pallet display. Too much information can overwhelm your customer at first glance and backfire on sales numbers. Sometimes all you need is an effective logo and some compelling copy to prompt sales talk.

And don't forget about shipping! Especially if you planning on shipping your display fully assembled. If you don't have an efficient design, you'll be losing so much of your margin that you won't be hitting your profit goals.

3. Find Inspiration At Retail And Club Stores

If you want to create an effective display, go on a shopping spree. Since your goal is to design a custom full pallet display, you'll want to find inspiration from retail and club stores.

In these types of stores, you will notice that the best-performing displays are simple and clean with a strong focus on a single product or two. You can also see what kind of merchandising tricks they're using, such as lighting and high/low selling points.

Don't be afraid to build on their ideas! Most successful retail companies have spent millions of dollars perfecting their branding and visual communication. All great work is built on the foundation of the best things created today.

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4. Start Your Design From Your Packaging

Custom full-pallet displays are meant to draw attention and inspire sales. One way to do this is to use your packaging as a design element. Take the products you're showcasing and package them in an interesting way that can be easily turned into a display.

The display should highlight what makes your products unique, but it can also draw inspiration from the product itself.

For example, if you're selling headphones, give each pair its own place on the display or make a headphone design with your logo using different sizes of headphones. This will turn heads and prompt people to ask questions about your headset designs!

But most importantly, all of your design choices, including color, should begin by investigating what works with your product packaging. The ultimate goal of the display is to get customers to investigate your products.

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5. Organize Your Products For Easier Shopping

If you're designing a full pallet display for your customer, then they should be able to find what they need quickly. The last thing you want is for customers to groan at the thought of having to dig through your entire rack just to pick out their favorite product.

Plan out which products sell best together by color or function and group them on the pallet so that customers can easily see what's available. This will yield higher sales because customers are more likely to purchase something when it's easy for them.

And speaking of grouping products together - always give preference to multiple units over singles! You'll sell more units if you do this, even though it means less profit per sale. On the other hand, single-unit price tags on a high-volume product can be enticing to customers.

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Create A Custom Full Pallet Display Today!

If you want to increase your product sales, it's important to create an effective custom full pallet display. Not only do these displays draw attention and inspire purchases, but they can also be used to showcase your products interestingly. Use our tips to help get started!

If you're ready to work with a design team and get a quote, talk with our team today!