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5 Design Tips For Custom Mailer Boxes

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Custom Mailer Packaging Can Help

If you're an e-commerce business you know one thing, mailers are a way of life. That's because customers that love these kinds of experiences have raised the bar for what is acceptable.

So you're likely looking for new ways to enhance your branding and your mailer. You've come to the right place!

When it comes to Mailers, it's all about the experience. But how do you create an unboxing experience that lasts with customers? Is printing on the inside enough? What about additional freebies?

It all starts with the overall design, your graphics, and your key choices. But that doesn't mean supply chains, optimization, and building customer profiles aren't important.

Let's dig into 5 Design Tips For Custom Mailers.

What Is A Mailer Box?

A mailer box is a type of paperboard packaging used to store and ship goods. It's simple to put together thanks to interlocking flaps and wings, and it doesn't require any sticky tape to close. It is more robust and travel resistant than other forms of paperboard packaging due to its two side walls.

Tip #1 Build A Customer Profile

What do your customers want? What is a must have, and what is a nice to have?

Creating a customer profile early on helps you plan for things like color palette, shapes, sizes, and more. Using data from the beginning of your customer journey before they become a buyer is invaluable.

If your customers prefer sustainable brands, the box should scream sustainability! This can be color choices that are earthy colors like brown or green, or calling out that you use less materials or recyclable items.

Other customers may want to re-use the box and keep it, if the design is a special campaign. So consider designing a mailer box that can be reused.

Tip #2 Create A Graphic For Each Delivery

Next, think about a new graphic for every delivery instead of a one-size-fits-all design. Every mailer box should still fit in with your overall design, but with each unique graphic customers will feel like the purchase is more special.

Printing more graphics doesn't need to break your budget. This could simply be color changes that fit the season, or the overall theme. And instead of using traditional printing technique like Flexo or Litho, you could switch to Digital Printing.

High-Speed Digital Printing allows you to print as many designs as you want without printing plates, or waiting for additional tooling.

That means you can stay fresh in the customers eyes easier than ever before.

Tip #3 Optimize The Space

Although custom mailer boxes are designed with additional space, it doesn't mean they're always as optimized as possible. For example, you may include a freebie that's larger than expected which pushes the content to one side of the box.

With this in mind, solid shapes like squares and rectangles can help to optimize the space before printing begins.

Another way is by removing barriers between your products and your customers. That means no plastic bags, or cellophane wrapping on the product before it hits the box.

Both of those make it more difficult for customers to see what they'll receive and also makes them less likely to re-use your mailer packaging after opening their order.

So simple things like tissue paper instead of plastic bubbles could be a nice touch. But what about the tissue paper?

Another way is to be creative with your designs! Fancy shapes aren't just for traditional marketing. And if you have those fancy shapes, why not use them? Think about all those little wasted areas as possibilities instead of problems.

If you're going to include something like this make sure it's a recycled or recyclable type of material, and that it's biodegradable.

Tip #4 Design An Unboxing Experience

Now that you've considered the space in your mailer box, consider how customers will interact with it when they're opening their purchases. A lot of people like to take pictures and share them on social media, so this is something to keep in mind when designing a custom mailer box.

Creating a simple unboxing experience can go a long way towards building a positive relationship between you and your customers over time. Online or offline relationships are very important!

If your customer feels special, then you'll have more talking points for upselling future purchases. And if they feel good about buying from you, they'll spread the word about who they buy from. But this also depends on other factors such as price and quality.

This is what leads to a brand becoming a viral hit online as they want to immediately share the cool unboxing of your product with everyone they know. So become your own customer, and open up the box and look for unique ways to surprise them.

Tip #5 Create A Premium Option

Maybe you should create a higher tier of products for higher priced items and customers. Instead of delivering your products in the same old box, deliver them a box that feels special.

Everything about this mailer box should be more premium feeling to justify the higher costs. The best way for e-commerce brands to succeed is to build a connection with their customer, and make them feel special.

For example, if you're selling t-shirts online then perhaps the additional cost is because it's printed on better materials that are more expensive.

Or maybe your orders are coming from around the world instead of just one country which increases the shipping costs too much without this nice premium packaging.

Although there are always exceptions, most people would pay extra to feel special when opening up their products. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, but make sure to do it right.

So if you're offering a higher priced product, consider creating a custom mailer box option. This can be done for high-end customers such as influencers and brand partners, or it could simply be an option for anyone who feels like they want to upgrade their order with something special.

Create Custom Mailer Boxes With Bennett Packaging!

If you want to create an unforgettable buying experience for your customers, consider creating a custom mailer box. With our help, the possibilities are endless! We have helped countless brands create amazing packaging that reflects their brand identity and makes them stand out from competitors.

If you're interested in learning more about how we can design customized boxes for any type of business or product, feel free to reach out with any questions at all. Contact Bennett Packaging today to get started on a new quote.