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5 Benefits Of Half-Pallet Displays

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Half-Pallet Displays Are Versatile

Customers are still shopping in-store, even if they're buying online. So that means it's even more important to catch their attention when they walk in. Half-pallet displays are an excellent way to get noticed by your customers.

They offer a unique style that you don't see in many other types of store fixtures, especially ones that are this inexpensive.

Customers trust recommendations from their peers more than they trust advertisements or promotional marketing statements. And when it comes to taste in furniture, entertainment, and other products, millennials are particularly influenced by their peers.

So what better way to get more customers in your store than offering a must-see eye-catching display?

A Medium-Sized Footprint

The nature of half pallet displays is that they have a medium sized footprint. They aren't so large that you'll run out of room for inventory or too small that they get lost in the store. In fact, if anything, these types of fixtures are the perfect size to create a focal point without taking up too much space.

If you have a lot of floor space to fill, but not enough budget for heavy duty fixtures, this is where you'll find the best balance between affordability and attractive store design.

And if you need to take down or move your display in order to rearrange your store or change the stock, that's no problem at all! This is another great way to keep costs low while still providing an impactful look.

Because half pallet displays are a compact size, they can be stacked during shipping.

1. A Durable Design

The medium-sized footprint helps half-pallet displays last longer at retail. The way products are organized, and the ease of shopping them, keeps them looking fresh.

They don't scream "cheap" to customers like some types of stock POP displays might. Instead, they emit a stylish impression that looks just as good in upscale locations as they do in more down-to-earth ones.

Half-Pallets can be dressed up or down to fit the retailer.

Half-Pallets are also great for heavier products. We have made displays using double-wall and triple-wall shelves to hold car batteries that are roughly 70lbs! So if you have something heavy, they're a perfect option.

The lifespan of these displays ranges greatly, so it's tough to put a length on the general category. But if you need something that lasts longer, any type of Pallet Display is a good choice.

2. Organize Your Products

As if all these benefits weren't enough already, half-pallet displays work to organize your products as well. They help you find the right balance between high exposure and easy access so that customers can see your inventory, but they aren't so obscured that it's hard for them to reach what they're looking for.

Versatile Shelves

These retail displays can have any kind of shelf made to hold your products. They work perfectly if  you need something strong for a heavy product, or you have a large number of small items. Shelves make it easier for your customers to shop.

Organize By SKU

If you are launching a display with multiple SKUs, this is a great chance to flex your creative muscles. Instead of putting all the SKUs on one row, color code the display to encourage multiple purchase. Guide the customers eye from the top to the bottom. If you need alternate designs, consider switching to digital printing.

Easily Re-Stockable

Best of all is how easy it is for retail associates to restock these displays. You can reduce damages by having a simple design when retail associates need to restock them. Plus, reducing down time means you're increasing your selling time!

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3. Include A Pallet Skirt

If you want to really make your half pallet display pop, we recommend including a pallet skirt. These are the large panels covering the bottom half of the pallets. Some Half-Pallets don't require one, as the design covers them on their own.

Large Billboard

Pallet skirts are great because they're a cheap addition to your display, but create a huge billboard at the retail store. That's where you want to use your brand colors, and increase your visibility at retail.

Key Product Benefits

These are the best place to include your key product benefits. There's so much room to put include a few bullet points of a large font. Something that they can quickly read, and determine if they want your product or not.

Catch Them Across The Aisle

Finally, the best part of a pallet skirt is you can catch their attention across the aisle. As they are walking by, they will see your large product benefits and stop in to check out your products.

4. Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

Another great reason to invest in half-pallet display is the fact that they enhance your marketing campaigns. This type of display can be used to bring attention to products or promotions you have running at any given time.

You can place signage on top of the display or surround it with product samples to draw more eyes towards whatever you want customers to see - and this draw will help boost sales while you're at it!

The large footprint at retail is a great way to attract customers.

It's important for your campaign to have consistent branding . That means looking professional, modern, clean, fresh, etc. Using half pallets displays in your retail location helps convey these properties by providing an attractive backdrop for all your products and signs alike.

So not only will these types of displays be useful for getting customers in  the door - they'll also help you keep them interested!

5. Great For Club Stores

Another popular type of retail store that can benefit from these fixtures is a club store. If your establishment works to provide wholesale customers with products, you'll find half pallet displays incredibly useful.

Large Number Of Products

Customers at club stores are there to buy in bulk. That's what makes a half-pallet display work so well there. You can include larger packs of items, or simply stack your products better to help them shop. And be sure to design your display in combination with your products. You want the half-pallet to be an extension of your products and their packaging.

Great Footprint

Second, while it's smaller than a full-pallet display, these POP's still have a great footprint. Some brands even stack two half-pallets back to back to streamline their supply chain instead of using one full-pallet. That makes them a strategic choice for certain product launches.


Finally, these displays can create a store-within-a-store. That's because they allow you to keep their attention while they're shopping, while the rest of the store drops away. And that is the best time to try to make the sale.

Get Started On A Half-Pallet Display

Half pallet displays are a great investment for any store, whether it's a club store or not. They're durable and versatile, which makes them perfect for organizing products and drawing attention to marketing campaigns.

Not only that, but they look stylish and professional - something your customers will appreciate. If you're looking for an easy way to improve the appearance of your retail location, we recommend investing in half pallet displays!

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