About Us
Our Story
Bennett is more than one of the largest independent corrugated manufacturers in North America. We’re a single-source supplier that offers full service turnkey solutions for all of our customers. We design and manufacture virtually anything from corrugated, including simple shipping boxes to custom retail packaging and retail displays. Our team of trained corrugated experts even provide contract packaging and packaging supplies.

Founded in 1987, this woman owned business has built a network of locations across North America to become a top competitor. We’re focused on speed to market, and have invested in the latest printing and manufacturing technology year after year to provide faster and more advanced solutions than our competition.

Today Bennett proudly serves a diverse number of industries: Agricultural, Chemical, Turf & Ornamental, Beverage, Wine and Spirits, Retailers, Health, Food and Beverage, and more. We’re even AIB International Certified, allowing us to work with any food products.

Every customer comes with a unique set of challenges, and with our deep knowledge and expertise we’ve brought about innovations to speed up production, cut costs, and deliver for our clients. We’ll walk you through the process and be a partner all the way from design and manufacturing, to logistics and distribution.

We’re headquartered in an underground facility that provides the added bonus of a more stable environment for storing corrugated and many other products that may be affected by humidity and temperature.This allows us to reduce our bill, and add to your bottom line.

Centrally located in the heart of the midwest, with more locations across North America, we are poised to deliver for all of our clients.

Our Values
  • Integrity. Our business is only as good as our name, and we strive to be the best in the market.
  • Respect. We don’t just treat the job with respect, we treat the people with care.
  • Accountability. Our team is built on it – and the foundation is communication. Every day our team members meet and discuss your projects to ensure the details are covered.
  • Excellence. We’ve been operating at the highest level for decades, but we’re never satisfied. Every display and package we create is another chance at an award-winning product.
State-of-the-Art Facilities
Our fully functioning 480,000 sq.ft. headquarters is located in an underground, well-protected, secure warehouse, where we can safely store your products.

This facility also houses 48 shipping dock doors, and has DC capabilities so we can be your single-source supplier.

Facility Features

  • DC Capabilities: We are more than just a packaging company, we can distribute your products efficiently.
  • Safe + Secure: Worried about a high value product? We have secured warehouses to store anything you need.
  • AIB International Certified: We worked hard to get certified, and are committed to keeping it. We’re certified for all food products.
  • Humidity + Temp Safe: Our underground facilities are temperature + humidity safe environment for your boxes + products.
  • Network of Locations: Our locations across the continent are primed for communication and can coordinate effortlessly.
  • Web-Based Inventory Access: We provide digital access to our customers so they can view their inventory.
Specialty Equipment

High Speed Digital Printer

This is an industry disruptor. We were one of the first in North America to invest in high speed digital printing, and we’re glad we did. We have two digital printers, the Barberán Jetmaster 1260 & 1680. Capable of direct-to-corrugate printing using a high speed 6-color digital press. No waiting, just printing.

  • Print up to 196” wide
  • 2 Digital Printers
  • 6 Color Extended

Automated Gluing System

Precise gluing is the foundation to retail displays and packaging, and this system allows us to reduce material waste by 40% and labor time by 70%. Our Automated Gluing Table enhances quality and performance by applying glue in precise locations, on multiple parts, simultaneously.

  • Increase Production
  • Reduce Waste
  • Broad range of capabilities

Specialty Folder And Gluer

Our Bahmüller Turbox & Top-matcher is perfect for Retail Ready Packaging. Allowing up to three separate substrates to be fed at high speed to create innovative packaging designs. This has helped us reduce hand labor and open the door to sustainable packaging solutions.

  • Up to 3 Substrates
  • Retail Ready Packaging
  • Ability to glue / join any design

7-Color High Graphics Rotary Die Cutter

This press has won us a number of awards thanks to its ability to print high quality graphics at an insanely high volume. Combined with our in-house ink kitchen techs, you get trusted high quality, every time.

  • UV Capable
  • State of the art Ink Matching & Manufacturing
  • Precise Registration

Noteworthy Awards
2019 AICC Indy Package Design Competition
Digital Printing on Combined Board
  • 1st Place: Spiderman Club/Grocery Pallet Skirt
  • 2nd Place: WM Game Endcap
  • Honorable Mention: Boulevard 12 Pack
Innovative Structure Design
  • 3rd Place: Soccer Ball Pack
2010 Flexo Technology Association Awards
Screen Printing, Direct-To-Corrugate Print, and Process
  • 7 Gold Awards
  • 1 Silver Award
2008 Top Women Entrepreneurs in North America

Enterprising Women Magazine

2016 POPAI OMA Awards
  • 2 Silver Awards
  • 1 Bronze Award
2015 POPAI OMA Awards
  • 1 Silver Award
  • 3 Bronze Awards
2010 CorrPak Competition
  • 1 Gold Award
Brad HoppockAcoustic Sounds

Over the past several years as our company has grown, Bennett has provided us with not only the consistency that we required, but also an extended level of support and service.  From their responsive handling of our unique individual needs to their hands-on solutions to whatever may arise, Bennett has been there for us.

John C. BuchePurchasing Manager, BG Products, Inc

Bennett Packaging is a very good partner with BG Products and is always willing to go above and beyond when asked.  During our new product rollouts they will do all they can to help us achieve and meet our goals! They value service and quality as top priority and we appreciate them greatly.  They are very easy to work with.

Vern WeaverDirector of Print, Envision Industries

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Bennett Packaging and Displays for our packaging needs here at Envision.  I have personally been involved with many packaging projects for Envision where Bennett has taken the lead to design and produce a new solution for our specific package requirement. The result was not only creative, but totally functional and cost effective. The level of knowledge with respect to packaging permeates throughout Bennett’s employees.  I would highly recommend Bennett for anyone who believes that quality and exceptional customer service is important.

Scott SummersFabri-Quilt

I have worked with box manufacturers over the last 20 years, my work with Danan and Bennett has been superior to all the others. We have inventory space issues, one of Danan's recommendations was a multi-depth box. This alone cut or inventory by 25%.  What really stands out is their ability to deliver. We have 19 different box configurations, Danan and Bennett always exceeds my expectations.



David StevensManager of Product Design & Engineering, Hasbro

We consider Bennett Packaging an essential partner in our product development process.

NorcraftMaster Brands Cabinets

Bennett Packaging is hands on, customer friendly and a true partner.  After doing business with Bennett Packaging for over 5 years I have found them to be flexible to changing designs, responsive to my requests and easy to do business with.  Bennett Packaging offers me warehouse services, made to order cartons and just in time shipments.  When we developed the program Bennett Packaging took the lead on building inventory and setting up warehousing for me.  The transition to Bennett Packaging was handled seamlessly!

Russ FosterSenior Production Director, Pokémon

The team at Bennett has always exceeded our expectations.  They do a great job of engineering creative packaging and bringing those concepts to life in our finished products.  Bennett has been a great partner for nearly a decade and we look forward to the years ahead.

Thomas AndersonBusiness Development Manager, SinoMax

BPKC has been instrumental to the success of the rollout of our domestic production facility and programs this year for Walmart. They lead the market in pricing & quality which enabled us to hit the difficult costing structures presented in a domestic manufacturing model. Through their dedication to partnership and quick response time, we have been able to insure in-stocks and drive sales. This has help give us the leverage in domestic production to grow our business across the entire market in multiple retailers.