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What Customers Say About Bennett

We consider Bennett Packaging an essential partner in our product development process.

David Stevens - Manager of Product Design & Engineering, Hasbro

The team at Bennett has always exceeded our expectations.

Russ Foster - Senior Production Director, Pokémon

Bennett Packaging is hands on, customer friendly and a true partner. 

Norcraft - Master Brands Cabinets

I have personally been involved with many packaging projects for Envision where Bennett has taken the lead to design and produce a new solution for our specific package requirement.

Vern Weaver - Director of Print, Envision Industries

I have worked with box manufacturers over the last 20 years, my work with Danan and Bennett has been superior to all the others.

Scott Summers - Fabri-Quilt

BPKC has been instrumental to the success of the rollout of our domestic production facility and programs this year for Walmart.

Thomas Anderson - Business Development Manager, Sinomax USA

Bennett is a very good partner with BG Products, and is always willing to go above and beyond when asked. 

John C. Buche - Purchasing Manager, BG Products, Inc

From their responsive handling of our unique individual needs to their hands-on solutions to whatever may arise, Bennett has been there for us.

Brad Hoppock - Acoustic Sounds

Award Winning

Over 80+ print and design awards.

Concept to Manufacture

We'll design it for you from top to bottom.

Industry Innovator

First to invest in Digital Printing In North America.

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